Eiffel Tower ,The greatest attraction of tourist

Eiffel Tower,Paris constructed in the year of 1889.This is one of the most recognizable formation in the World.A large number of visitors visits the Eiffel Tower in every year. Approximately 7 million people visits the historical place.The Tower is the tallest construction of Paris.It’s height is 324 meters. It means the same height of a 80 storied building.There are three levels of the building for tourists.In 1889 France decided to crowd an Anniversary of France Revolution. For  the programmed more than 100 artists was submitted  for the competitive monument construction at the champ de mars.Champ de mars is the central place of Paris.

1st and 2nd Levels are reserved for the tourist restaurant. Elevator is available for the levels.

mile Nouguier and Maurice Koechlin are the designer and Engineer of Eiffel Tower. The construction was started on 28th January 1887 and completed its construction on 30 June.

Main attraction for tourist:

Paris is the most beautiful place in the World.Most of the Tourists are thrust for knowledge, Thrust for Invention. These trusty visitors can climb the stair of Eiffel Tower by lift. They can also have snacks in the 2nd stair. One of the pleasure that 200000000 visitors visited the Eiffel Tower before it’s construction.Iron Construction and natural beauties are the main attraction of travelers. You can go with your family to visit Eifel Tower Paris,France.


Sundarban,the beauty queen

Sundarban is one of the most tourist attraction positions in the World. It is situated southern part of Bangladesh. Khulna, Bagerhat,Sathkhira districts are sorrunded by Sundarban.There is a little part Sundarban in Indian’s West Bengal.It cover approximetley 10,000 square miles. The Sundarban is covered by Mangrove forest and resevered place for the Royel Bengal Tiger.Sundarban is the National park.UNESCO has declared world heritage site in the year of 1987.

The literary meaning of sundarban is beautiful forest. The word sundarban is Bengali language.The sundori  trees are largely found in the forest.Sundori wood is very solid wood to make furniture.

Beauty of Sundarban:

The forest is closer to padma,Meghna,Gangha,make an influence bay of bengal.For the reason every year the forest flooded by the bay of Bengal. world’s famous Royal Bengal Tiger,  deers, crocodiles, jungle fowls, wild boars, lizards  the migratory flock of Siberian ducks flying over thousands of sail boats loaded with timber, golpata, fuel wood, honey, shell and fish, natural beauty of the Sundarban.And more other animal living in sundarban.Thousands of people survives collecting honey from the forest. The forest including river that is a beautiful scenery of forest. Visitors can go away by the boat to watch the natural beauty of forest.

Tourist attraction:

Hiron point:

Basically hiron point is  the main point of Sundarban.You can see from the place tigers,deers,monkey,crocodile and any other animal of forest.

Tin konna island:

This point is famous for watching tiger and deer.The way to reach there is boat.

Dubler chor:

The Tourists may interested to watch fishing, this place is the right choice for him/her.This is very beautiful island where deeers are often seen to graze. The river and land got mixed in a smart way.Wildlifes represent tin a simple manner.You may see the Tiger or crocodile is swimming in the river.That’s would be mind  blowing.In the evening the poet and painter never waste their time by burden other activites.If you are the lover of nature you are suggested to visit sundaarban.

Animal Species:

Mammals are 49,Birds are 314,Reptiles are 50,Amphibious are 8.Endangered Species.,Birds are 11,Reptiles are 16,Amphibious are 1.

Approximate numbers of the Species. The Royal Bengal tigers are: 1000-1200,Deers are: 3, 50, 000-4, 00, 0000,Monkeys are,90,000-1, 40, 000, Crocodiles are : 500-1000.

How to reach sundarban:

Visitors have to go Satkhira or Khulna district, then very easy to  reach  sundarban.You can go direct bus from Khulna,sathkhira to sundarban.

Hotels and restaurant are available in sundarban.Tourist can stay in Khulna,sathkira or sundarban.

The natural beauty of  sundarban is very  mind blowing so you are welcome to sundarban.


The Central park of New York

The Central park, New York established in 1857 on 778 acre lands.

Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed the park and named the Greensward Plan in 1858.

a non-profitable society reimburse $65 million annual budget and conscientious for all fundamental care of the central park.The construction sustained during the American Civil War.Around 1850 there was no open space to leisue in new york. People were unable to spend their relaxation.They were to chaotic and noisy life in the city.The first American Architect Andrew Jacson Drowning  who advised to create a public park in the city in 1844.That’s the central state appointed a commison to observe the issue.In 1857 the commison created a contest of landscape design and named the Greensward plan.The plan consist of 36 bridges.

It is  consists of seven artificial bodies of water.Overall  this place is a fantastic  tourist place for you.This park is full of trees,birds,lakes,open body of sky.


Horse down carriage is the most  romantic or charming schenary of central park Manhattan.Increasingly ,the popular enjoyble is things single person horse riding.The park authority also decorades for special day for someone’s birthday or marriage events.You are welcome to the central park of manhattan,New York.

Horse carriage ride:

You can enjoy with your family or by yourself Horse riding in the open air.40 million visitors approach the central park every year.Most of them try to rides horse.Many movies schenes created in the park.From Romio Juliet to Avengars.More then 300 movie’s schene have taken from the park.

Hell’s chicken food:

About all types of food available in the food gallery of central park.You can choice your best.

Byke tour:

Byke tour is another attraction of the central park.Anyone can rent the cycle for limited or unlimited period.Ride cycle with your companion.

Picnic delivery:

Picnic food delivery is also available here.Friends or family tour may get food from the company.

Pedicab tours:

Some one can get the pedicab for 1 or 2 hours with a complete guide.The drivers of the cab are experienced.So they will be nice guide for you and your family.

Entry price:

The entry price of this park is $25 for adults and child.

Overall this is a beautiful place,Don’t waste your time get ready to visit central park,New york. So you are welcome to the park.

Taj Mahal symbol of love

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest tourist place of the World.Taj Mahal at Agra in India equipped in 1653 By the emperor of Mughal Sahjahan.Emperor built the mahal or building for the memory of his wife Momtaj Bwgum.The tomb of Momtaj is bounded by the complex.Another surname is Momtaj Mahal.The construction of the complex was started in the year of 1632 and completed in 1653.The Grave complex is about  42 acre,Which is a huge number of area.It was estimated in that period 32 million rupees.In this year( 2016) it would be 53 billion rupees that means US$ 830 million.UNESCO declared as a world heritage site in the year of 1983.Nobel laureate Robindra Nath Thakore describe “the tear-drop on the cheek of time”More than 8 million visitors visits the greatest Taj Mahal in Every year.Every day emperor sahjahan observed Mahal and cried for her beloved.

The Tomb of Momtaj is the main focus of Taj Mohal.Tomb is constructed by white color precious marble.


The complex is around 300 meter mughal flower garden that makes the complex more Beautiful .You have to pass away the garden to enter in complex.This garden is a symbol of persian Timurid style.It based on the style of Paradise garden that was brought by Baber.This garden is filled with flowers,beautiful grasses,birds,leaves,semmetry and delicacy.

How to reach Taj Mahal:

It is located at Agra 204 kilometers from Delhi.235 Km from Jaipur,125 km from Gaulior these places are the main hub besides Agra.Anyone can go from the places by train or bus.Here hotel or living facilities are available,You can stay here to travel Taj mahal.You may also get hotel nearby Agra.Commercial texi cab are available there.There is a new express way from Delhi to Agra may takes 30 to 60 minutes,Depends on traffic.We suggested start journey at early morning.Another way,Satabdi Express will take 2 hours from Delhi to Agra.Leaving time from Delhi 6am and departure time 8 am in Agra. From Delhi to Agra it  may take 30 minutes to flight.Overall it may take 45 minutes to reach Agra.Remember that there is no regular schedule for landing Agra.

Closing day of Taj Mahal:

Friday is the closing day of Taj Mahal.But It may different for VVIP.


Taj Mahal is one of the most popular historical place in the World.I can say that it is the right choice to travel Taj Mahal of India to see the eternal love of Human.




The biggest Sea beach in the World

Cox’s Bazar is the biggest sea beach in the World which is situated in Bangladesh.It’s more than 120 kilometers long.Thousands of people visits  every day  in the beautiful beach.Most of the visitors are belong to different country in the World.All the living and transport facilities are available here.So you are welcome to the biggest sea beach in the World in Bangladesh.

Tourist facilities:

All kinds of tourist facilities available here,You can stay in five star hotel or low qualities hotel that is up’s to you.Extra facilities are  that you can see the natural beauty of ocean from your bed or balcony.Every types of food are made for foreigner.They get extra facilities like security from police.To travel in the sea beach you can rent motorcycle,car,or only cycle.Cold  or hot drinks are also available.Most of the people visits there with family members.

How to go to the beach:

If you are a foreign tourist you have to arrive Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Dhaka or Amanat Shah Airport chittagong.If you land Dhaka airport you will have to go chittagong by bus,Train,or Air.You may also go direct bus from Dhaka to Cox’s bazar sea beach.

Living facilities:

Here we listed some hotel or living places:

1.Saymon beach resort:cost may be 4000-5000 tk per day/night.Very  nice resort you can live with family or alone.call centre:18605002121.

2.Royel Tulip sea pearl beach:This five star hotel of sea beach it’s cost also be 5000-5500 tk per day/night.

3.Hotel sea crown:It’s cost 3000-4000 tk per day/night.

4.long beach hotel:you can stay in this hotel at tk 2000-3000.

Here have lots of hotel and restaurant with various items of food of the world.It will not be difficult to stay here.

Other facilities:

Tourist attraction near town:The main attraction of the town is the sea beach.The gorgeous hotel provide exclusive area with accessories.Laboni beach is the another attraction of the town.Large number of visitors come to visit laboni beach.From the laboni beach you can see the sunset and sunrise very closely and it’s one of the main attraction of the beach.


Himchori is another attractive place of Cox’s Bazar. A national park was established by Bangladeshi government in the year of 1980. Here you can see the number of waterfalls,tropical rain forest,grassland and trees.

Bangabandhu sheikh mujib safari park:

Bangabandhu sheikh mujib safari park is the first safari park in Bangladesh.The forest is consists of Gajari,Telsur,Garjan,Chapalish trees and made it evergreen.It is 50 km away from chittagong town.

Inani beach:

Inani beach is consists of huge number of stone.

Overall Cox’s Bazar is the most beautiful place for travelling.Don’t waste your time come to see the natural beauty of Cox’s bazar.