Eiffel Tower ,The greatest attraction of tourist

Eiffel Tower,Paris constructed in the year of 1889.This is one of the most recognizable formation in the World.A large number of visitors visits the Eiffel Tower in every year. Approximately 7 million people visits the historical place.The Tower is the tallest construction of Paris.It’s height is 324 meters. It means the same height of a 80 storied building.There are three levels of the building for tourists.In 1889 France decided to crowd an Anniversary of France Revolution. For  the programmed more than 100 artists was submitted  for the competitive monument construction at the champ de mars.Champ de mars is the central place of Paris.

1st and 2nd Levels are reserved for the tourist restaurant. Elevator is available for the levels.

mile Nouguier and Maurice Koechlin are the designer and Engineer of Eiffel Tower. The construction was started on 28th January 1887 and completed its construction on 30 June.

Main attraction for tourist:

Paris is the most beautiful place in the World.Most of the Tourists are thrust for knowledge, Thrust for Invention. These trusty visitors can climb the stair of Eiffel Tower by lift. They can also have snacks in the 2nd stair. One of the pleasure that 200000000 visitors visited the Eiffel Tower before it’s construction.Iron Construction and natural beauties are the main attraction of travelers. You can go with your family to visit Eifel Tower Paris,France.


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