Taj Mahal symbol of love

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest tourist place of the World.Taj Mahal at Agra in India equipped in 1653 By the emperor of Mughal Sahjahan.Emperor built the mahal or building for the memory of his wife Momtaj Bwgum.The tomb of Momtaj is bounded by the complex.Another surname is Momtaj Mahal.The construction of the complex was started in the year of 1632 and completed in 1653.The Grave complex is about  42 acre,Which is a huge number of area.It was estimated in that period 32 million rupees.In this year( 2016) it would be 53 billion rupees that means US$ 830 million.UNESCO declared as a world heritage site in the year of 1983.Nobel laureate Robindra Nath Thakore describe “the tear-drop on the cheek of time”More than 8 million visitors visits the greatest Taj Mahal in Every year.Every day emperor sahjahan observed Mahal and cried for her beloved.

The Tomb of Momtaj is the main focus of Taj Mohal.Tomb is constructed by white color precious marble.


The complex is around 300 meter mughal flower garden that makes the complex more Beautiful .You have to pass away the garden to enter in complex.This garden is a symbol of persian Timurid style.It based on the style of Paradise garden that was brought by Baber.This garden is filled with flowers,beautiful grasses,birds,leaves,semmetry and delicacy.

How to reach Taj Mahal:

It is located at Agra 204 kilometers from Delhi.235 Km from Jaipur,125 km from Gaulior these places are the main hub besides Agra.Anyone can go from the places by train or bus.Here hotel or living facilities are available,You can stay here to travel Taj mahal.You may also get hotel nearby Agra.Commercial texi cab are available there.There is a new express way from Delhi to Agra may takes 30 to 60 minutes,Depends on traffic.We suggested start journey at early morning.Another way,Satabdi Express will take 2 hours from Delhi to Agra.Leaving time from Delhi 6am and departure time 8 am in Agra. From Delhi to Agra it  may take 30 minutes to flight.Overall it may take 45 minutes to reach Agra.Remember that there is no regular schedule for landing Agra.

Closing day of Taj Mahal:

Friday is the closing day of Taj Mahal.But It may different for VVIP.


Taj Mahal is one of the most popular historical place in the World.I can say that it is the right choice to travel Taj Mahal of India to see the eternal love of Human.





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