Sundarban,the beauty queen

Sundarban is one of the most tourist attraction positions in the World. It is situated southern part of Bangladesh. Khulna, Bagerhat,Sathkhira districts are sorrunded by Sundarban.There is a little part Sundarban in Indian’s West Bengal.It cover approximetley 10,000 square miles. The Sundarban is covered by Mangrove forest and resevered place for the Royel Bengal Tiger.Sundarban is the National park.UNESCO has declared world heritage site in the year of 1987.

The literary meaning of sundarban is beautiful forest. The word sundarban is Bengali language.The sundori  trees are largely found in the forest.Sundori wood is very solid wood to make furniture.

Beauty of Sundarban:

The forest is closer to padma,Meghna,Gangha,make an influence bay of bengal.For the reason every year the forest flooded by the bay of Bengal. world’s famous Royal Bengal Tiger,  deers, crocodiles, jungle fowls, wild boars, lizards  the migratory flock of Siberian ducks flying over thousands of sail boats loaded with timber, golpata, fuel wood, honey, shell and fish, natural beauty of the Sundarban.And more other animal living in sundarban.Thousands of people survives collecting honey from the forest. The forest including river that is a beautiful scenery of forest. Visitors can go away by the boat to watch the natural beauty of forest.

Tourist attraction:

Hiron point:

Basically hiron point is  the main point of Sundarban.You can see from the place tigers,deers,monkey,crocodile and any other animal of forest.

Tin konna island:

This point is famous for watching tiger and deer.The way to reach there is boat.

Dubler chor:

The Tourists may interested to watch fishing, this place is the right choice for him/her.This is very beautiful island where deeers are often seen to graze. The river and land got mixed in a smart way.Wildlifes represent tin a simple manner.You may see the Tiger or crocodile is swimming in the river.That’s would be mind  blowing.In the evening the poet and painter never waste their time by burden other activites.If you are the lover of nature you are suggested to visit sundaarban.

Animal Species:

Mammals are 49,Birds are 314,Reptiles are 50,Amphibious are 8.Endangered Species.,Birds are 11,Reptiles are 16,Amphibious are 1.

Approximate numbers of the Species. The Royal Bengal tigers are: 1000-1200,Deers are: 3, 50, 000-4, 00, 0000,Monkeys are,90,000-1, 40, 000, Crocodiles are : 500-1000.

How to reach sundarban:

Visitors have to go Satkhira or Khulna district, then very easy to  reach  sundarban.You can go direct bus from Khulna,sathkhira to sundarban.

Hotels and restaurant are available in sundarban.Tourist can stay in Khulna,sathkira or sundarban.

The natural beauty of  sundarban is very  mind blowing so you are welcome to sundarban.



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