The Central park of New York

The Central park, New York established in 1857 on 778 acre lands.

Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed the park and named the Greensward Plan in 1858.

a non-profitable society reimburse $65 million annual budget and conscientious for all fundamental care of the central park.The construction sustained during the American Civil War.Around 1850 there was no open space to leisue in new york. People were unable to spend their relaxation.They were to chaotic and noisy life in the city.The first American Architect Andrew Jacson Drowning  who advised to create a public park in the city in 1844.That’s the central state appointed a commison to observe the issue.In 1857 the commison created a contest of landscape design and named the Greensward plan.The plan consist of 36 bridges.

It is  consists of seven artificial bodies of water.Overall  this place is a fantastic  tourist place for you.This park is full of trees,birds,lakes,open body of sky.


Horse down carriage is the most  romantic or charming schenary of central park Manhattan.Increasingly ,the popular enjoyble is things single person horse riding.The park authority also decorades for special day for someone’s birthday or marriage events.You are welcome to the central park of manhattan,New York.

Horse carriage ride:

You can enjoy with your family or by yourself Horse riding in the open air.40 million visitors approach the central park every year.Most of them try to rides horse.Many movies schenes created in the park.From Romio Juliet to Avengars.More then 300 movie’s schene have taken from the park.

Hell’s chicken food:

About all types of food available in the food gallery of central park.You can choice your best.

Byke tour:

Byke tour is another attraction of the central park.Anyone can rent the cycle for limited or unlimited period.Ride cycle with your companion.

Picnic delivery:

Picnic food delivery is also available here.Friends or family tour may get food from the company.

Pedicab tours:

Some one can get the pedicab for 1 or 2 hours with a complete guide.The drivers of the cab are experienced.So they will be nice guide for you and your family.

Entry price:

The entry price of this park is $25 for adults and child.

Overall this is a beautiful place,Don’t waste your time get ready to visit central park,New york. So you are welcome to the park.


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