The biggest Sea beach in the World

Cox’s Bazar is the biggest sea beach in the World which is situated in Bangladesh.It’s more than 120 kilometers long.Thousands of people visits  every day  in the beautiful beach.Most of the visitors are belong to different country in the World.All the living and transport facilities are available here.So you are welcome to the biggest sea beach in the World in Bangladesh.

Tourist facilities:

All kinds of tourist facilities available here,You can stay in five star hotel or low qualities hotel that is up’s to you.Extra facilities are  that you can see the natural beauty of ocean from your bed or balcony.Every types of food are made for foreigner.They get extra facilities like security from police.To travel in the sea beach you can rent motorcycle,car,or only cycle.Cold  or hot drinks are also available.Most of the people visits there with family members.

How to go to the beach:

If you are a foreign tourist you have to arrive Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Dhaka or Amanat Shah Airport chittagong.If you land Dhaka airport you will have to go chittagong by bus,Train,or Air.You may also go direct bus from Dhaka to Cox’s bazar sea beach.

Living facilities:

Here we listed some hotel or living places:

1.Saymon beach resort:cost may be 4000-5000 tk per day/night.Very  nice resort you can live with family or centre:18605002121.

2.Royel Tulip sea pearl beach:This five star hotel of sea beach it’s cost also be 5000-5500 tk per day/night.

3.Hotel sea crown:It’s cost 3000-4000 tk per day/night.

4.long beach hotel:you can stay in this hotel at tk 2000-3000.

Here have lots of hotel and restaurant with various items of food of the world.It will not be difficult to stay here.

Other facilities:

Tourist attraction near town:The main attraction of the town is the sea beach.The gorgeous hotel provide exclusive area with accessories.Laboni beach is the another attraction of the town.Large number of visitors come to visit laboni beach.From the laboni beach you can see the sunset and sunrise very closely and it’s one of the main attraction of the beach.


Himchori is another attractive place of Cox’s Bazar. A national park was established by Bangladeshi government in the year of 1980. Here you can see the number of waterfalls,tropical rain forest,grassland and trees.

Bangabandhu sheikh mujib safari park:

Bangabandhu sheikh mujib safari park is the first safari park in Bangladesh.The forest is consists of Gajari,Telsur,Garjan,Chapalish trees and made it evergreen.It is 50 km away from chittagong town.

Inani beach:

Inani beach is consists of huge number of stone.

Overall Cox’s Bazar is the most beautiful place for travelling.Don’t waste your time come to see the natural beauty of Cox’s bazar.







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